Prior Symposia

For over a decade, the Residential College Symposium has been a space for faculty and student affairs practitioners to gather and exchange information. Held annually, the goal of the symposium is to provide an opportunity for expanding your learning network, sharing knowledge, and building community, while also disseminating scholarship about the residential college experience. Each symposium offers unique insights into the different models and practices that make residential education so impactful.

Previous Symposia

10th Annual Symposium
Virginia Tech University | October 18-20, 2023
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8th Annual Symposium
University of North Carolina Greensboro & Elon University | November 10-12, 2021

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7th Annual Symposium
University of South Carolina (Virtual) | October 26-28, 2020
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Residential College Symposium

6th Annual Symposium
Baylor University | November 7-9, 2019

5th Annual Symposium
University of Oklahoma | November 1-3, 2018

2017 Residential College Symposium Crest

4th Annual Symposium
Washington University in St. Louis | November 2-4, 2017

3rd Annual Symposium
Vanderbilt University | October 27-29, 2016

2nd Annual Symposium
Southern Methodist University | October 15-17, 2015

Inaugural Symposium
Virginia Tech University | October 16-18, 2014