Executive Leadership Team


Shannon Lundeen, Elon University

(Co-Chair, 2016-2019; member, 2016-22, second term)





James Penven, Radford University

(Co-Chair 2017-2020, member, 2016-2020, second term)

Members (Term)

Trish Gomez, Washington University in St. Louis (2016-22, second term)

Secretary 2017-2019





Sarah Kelly, University of South Carolina (2016-21, second term)

Website Manager 2018-2020

Media and Marketing Editor 2016-2018



Carl Krieger, Purdue University (2016-22, second term)

Media and Marketing Editor 2018-2020




Mark Morvant, University of Oklahoma (2016-20, second term)

Website Manager 2016-2018




Jennifer Post, Southern Methodist University (2016-20, second term)




Rishi Sriram, Baylor University (2016-22, second term)