2019 Residential College Symposium presentations

All presentations will open in a new window as a .pdf. Thanks to all the presenters for sharing their expertise!

Breakout Session 2: Friday, November 8 (11:20am-12:20pm)
Creating Living Learning Communities within a Residential College
Shannon Lundeen, Director of Academic-Residential Partnerships & Associate Professor of Philosophy
Aliana Harrison, Associate Director of Residence Life for Residential Education and Community Development
Nicole Galante, Graduate Apprentice for Academic-Residential Partnerships

Elon University
Five Years In: Lessons Learned
Jennifer Post, Director of Residence Life
Michelle Madsen
, Asst. Director for Residential Life, South Area
Southern Methodist University
Launch Pad: Building a First-Year Residential College Retreat
Sarah Miller, Program Director of Teal Residential College
Hannah Glisson, Graduate Apprentice for Teal Residential College

Baylor University
Meaning-Making and Discovering Purpose: The Residential College LLC Model Deepens Learning and Supports a Self-Authored Life
Eleanor Finger, Assistant Vice President of Student Life/Dean of Campus Life and Assistant Professor
Elon University
The Road to Distinction: An Insider Look at the Preston Scholars Program
Sarah Kelly, Senior Assistant Principal, Preston Residential College
Dr. Lara Lomicka, Faculty Principal, Preston Residential College
University of South Carolina
Transitioning from an LLC to a Residential College: Lessons Learned from The Leadership and Social Change Residential College
Taylor Henkel, Student Life Coordinator
C.L. Bohannon, Faculty Principal, Leadership and Social Change Residential College
Matt Kwiatkowski, Associate Director for Academic Initiatives

Virginia Tech
Breakout Session 3: Friday, November 8 (3:20pm-4:20pm)
Creating a Culture in a Residential Community Through Collaborative Leadership
Robert Creech, Faculty-in-Residence
Nate Hutcherson, Student Success Manager
Baylor University
In the Pursuit of the Good Life: Moral Development within Residential Colleges
Chris Kirk, Graduate Research Assistant
Penn State University
Please Not Another Lecture!: Creative Programming that Fosters Intellectual Engagement in A Residential College Model
Lauren Oliver, Assistant Director of Residence Life – Residential Colleges
Virginia Tech
Janice McCabe, Associate Professor of Sociology & House Professor
Dartmouth College
RC Student Leadership: From Advisory Councils to Student Teachers
Jennifer Stephens, Director, Residential Colleges Office
Dr. Sara Littlejohn, Program Chair of Ashby and Strong Residential Colleges
Ryan Piper, Graduate Teaching Fellow
Sarah Cobb, Undergraduate Student
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Scaling Community: Working with Large Residential Learning Communities (300+ Students)
Jennifer Eidum, Faculty Director of Global Neighborhood
Amanda Alberti, Community Director of Global Neighborhood
Jillian Epperson, Graduate Apprentice for Residence Life, Global Neighborhood
Elon University
Working for or Against You: Operating within the Complex Cultures of Residential Colleges
Emily Kilburg, Residential Community Director
Nick Blair, Residential Community Director
Southern Methodist University
Breakout Session 4: Saturday, November 9 (9:00am-10:00am)
Creating an Engaged Residential College Community by Design
Jane Rathborne, Chairman of the Board and Design Principal
Matt Lee, Principal & Interior Designer
Hanbury Architects
Dr. Rishi Sriram, Faculty Steward of Brooks Residential College
Baylor University
Cultivating Creative Collaborations to Strengthen the Residential College Brand
Trish Gomez, Assistant Director of Residential Education
Jill Stratton, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Residential Learning
Washington University in St. Louis
Cultivating Student Success in a Residential College Environment
Barbra Gilley Williams, Luckyday Project Coordinator
Senora Miller Logan, Assistant Director for the Luckyday Program
Ebonee Carpenter, Luckyday Project Coordinator
Ethel Scurlock, Luckyday Senior Fellow
University of Mississippi
Developing an Academic Peer Advising Program in a Residential College
Holly Ambler, Academic Advisor for Watauga Residential College
Daniel Brehm, Student Director of Peer Advising for Watauga Residential College
Appalachian State University
The Faculty Factor: What Faculty in RLCs Need to Know
Dr. Lara Lomicka, Faculty Principal, Preston Residential College and Professor of French
University of South Carolina
Jennifer Eidum, Faculty Director of Global Neighborhood
Elon University