Executive Leadership Team

Dr. Clark MadduxDr. Clark Maddux, Appalachian State University
Dr. Carl KriegerDr. Carl Krieger, Purdue University
(2016-2023, second term)
Executive Team Members
Dr. Laura Ammon, Appalachian State University
Dr. Elizabeth Anderman, University of Colorado, Boulder
Dr. Kent Bream, University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Karen Inkelas, University of Virginia
Matthew Kwiatkowski, Carnegie Mellon
RCS Social Media Manager (2020-present)
Dr. Brittany McDaniel, Washington University in St. Louis
RCS Website Manager (2022-present)
Lauren Oliver, Virginia Tech
RCS Secretary (2022-present)
Dr. Jennifer Stephens, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

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this space intentionally left blank

These individuals met on the campus of Elon University in 2016 to found the Residential College Society, with the help of Jon Dooley:

(top row, L to R): Nina Warnke, Jamie Penven, Mark Morvant
(bottom row, L to R): Carl Krieger, Shannon Lundeen, Trish Gomez, Sarah Kelly
(not pictured): Jennifer Post